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Matt Lindberg


Matthew Lindberg has been teaching golf for over 15 years. He is a graduate of Ferris State University, and got his start in the golf business at Oakland Hills Country Club. There, he learned the business under a great Head Professional and Instructor. Like most teaching pro’s Matt learned to teach the golf swing through video and launch monitor technology spending most of his time on the driving range. In 2016 after fixing many golf swings, Matt turned his attention to not simply fixing golf swings but lowering scores and guaranteeing results. Through on course coaching and teaching his players how to practice the results were phenomenal. Matt’s students drop an average of 10 shots in 10 weeks. Visit his YouTube Channel to see all testimonials!
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Josh Koch


Learn From One of The Fastest in the World
A recent 2017 U.S. Open Local medalist, 2018 and 2019 World Long Drive Championship qualifier, Josh is excited to announce the launch of his all new interactive golf platform! The website is filled with premium swing and workout content giving you access to the secrets that have made Josh one of the longest drivers in the world. The platform also provides the opportunity to upload swings for analysis as well as directly communicate with Josh for feedback related to your swings.
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Mick Smith


Mick is a Certified PGA Professional with an outstanding playing career. Since turning Pro in 1999 Mick has taught golfers of all levels and ages. Over many years, Mick has found that it is most important to simplify the swing and focus on helping the golfer to start swinging the club in a way that matches up with their own physiology.

Using the leading technology (Trackman) to give instant and accurate feedback about every swing. No guesswork about what may be going on, only the facts. This coupled with Mick's experience and techniques for proven teaching success makes improving the golf swing a quicker and easier process.
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