Public Driving Range Open!

Download the FREE TrackMan Range App and use it on our range with no extra cost.

No Reservations Needed

TrackMan is the best simulator/radar system on the market. Practice like a pro with no extra cost. Use our mobile-friendly app to see how far and well you hit the ball on our range. You can also bring family and friends out and play quick and easy games on the range as well!


Members can play or practice on 6 holes


Practice or play year-round on our TrackMan simulators.


Full service bar

Practice Stations



TrackMan Range


George W

"The Practice Station is staffed by a great team of people that go out of their way to make sure players of all skill levels enjoy an excellent customer experience. During the winter months, friends and I enjoyed the indoor Trackman simulators, which provided data-driven feedback on swing improvements we need to work on.  Likewise, we had a great time all winter playing and competing on world-class courses on the simulator.  However, the outside Trackman range is a "game-changer." For many years I hit range balls and took away little real feedback. The Trackman Range at the Practice Station provides me with real data that I can take with me, analyze, and use to build my confidence on the golf course. For any golfer that wants to improve their game, I recommend the Practice Station."

Ryan S

"Their brand new driving range is very impressive. Outfitted with ball-tracking technology downrange, it uses WiFi and an app on your phone to trackball flight in real-time. Cutting edge technology that works really well for the same rates as a standard range! The fact you can track and store all your shots is really going to help me dial in each one of my clubs for distance. Indoor simulators and a bar in the clubhouse are nice for those days with bad weather."

Calvin R

"Great facility!! Practice station works with an app that allows you to track your drives which is a very cool feature to be able to work with. Definitely will come here again."

Mark S

"An incredible experience. TrackMan technology that is exclusive for a facility in the state of Wisconsin. All facets of customer service are outstanding!! If you are looking for a range that is above and beyond give them a will not be disappointed."

Owen K

"I had a lot of fun hitting balls at the practice range. Very cool."

Tyler A

"Trackman range is unbeatable. Everyone there is great and helpful."

Steven D

"Friendly staff, great range and nice app to track stats."

Rob M

"Best place to practice and improve your game because of the realistic shots you hit. It's not just hitting to an open range even if you are picking targets, it's not the same as actual shots. And having the Trackman with all of its information it gives to you about your swing is incredible."

Dave D

"I have been looking for a place like this for a very long time. This is a really good facility, nice practice areas, and the Range Trackman, this is a huge advantage. Very reasonably priced as well."