Winter League

At the Practice Station

Winter League

Play golf this winter with 2-person teams on our indoor TrackMan simulators over 12 weeks! Each team will record their 9-hole score anytime during the week. Cash and Practice Station credit prizes will be distributed weekly over 12 weeks. There will also be mid-season, end of the season, and playoffs winners. Sign-up today in-person, or over the phone!

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League Fees

The registration fee for the league is $60 per person which will go toward cash and practice station credit prizes. The weekly fee per team is $40.


Book your weekly league play tee-time(s) by calling, reserving in-person, or reserving online.

Upon registration, specify your preferred weekly day and time you’d like to play each week so The Practice Station can try to accommodate the times you are available to play.

Note that you need to get 4 rounds of handicapping in before November 28th so we can place you and your teammate in a division.

Winter League Rules


Each week teams will record their 9-hole scores on a selected course chosen by The Practice Station on the Trackman simulators. Teams also have the option to play in advance if they know they will not be able to record a score during specific weeks of league.

Teams can play a league round late but, after they have already missed the designated time, but they will not qualify for weekly cash or credit prizes and may be subjected to a booking fee.

If a team wants to qualify for the playoffs, or mid-season, or end-of-season prizes, they must make up all league rounds before that corresponding week.

i.e. John needs to go out of town and will not have access to our simulators for 2 weeks. He could play those rounds ahead of time to stay current.


The scoring format will be net-total, meaning both player’s handicapped scores will count on every hole.


Handicaps will be established before the league starts. Players can play with their teammate or alone but must complete four 9-hole rounds for initial handicapping and for division placement. All handicapping rounds will be discounted to $30 per time slot. You do not need to schedule four tee times if you know you can finish multiple rounds during a single time slot.

Individual handicap scores will be updated every week throughout the season. During league, you will receive no more than a double bogey on each hole.

Handicaps are based on individual scores, not team scores. Handicaps are based on league rounds only.

Prize Money

Cash and Practice Station credit prizes will be awarded as follows in each division:

Weekly to the top 2 teams in each division
The lowest net score (individual) each week in each division
The lowest gross score (individual) each week in each division
Mid-Season leaders in each division
End of Season leaders in each division
Playoff winners in each division
Consolation playoff winners in each division
All prize pools/winnings are determined after the sign-up date for the winter league depending on the number of sign-ups. All teams will get weekly email updates to show team standings, weekly prize winners, and current placement for the playoffs.


All teams will compete in the playoffs starting the week of February 27th. During the regular season, all teams will play for seeding in the playoffs.

Playoff courses will be randomly selected and teams will play head-to-head.

Winning teams from the final 4 will advance to the championship match and the losing teams will play in a consolation match for 3rd and 4th place the last week in March.

For the teams eliminated, there will be a consolation playoff bracket and will receive prizes based on winners in that bracket.


Must be 12 years of age to play
Clubs and shoes must be cleaned before playing on the simulator (balls will be provided)
No mulligans will be given unless there is a system error
If your league member cannot make a round, The Practice Station will randomly select a score from another player in your division to make up your combined net total
All league rounds need to be verified with a Practice Station employee before submission
If there is ever a tie for weekly winners, or during mid-season, end of the season, playoff seeding, or during the playoffs we will do a scorecard playoff

Dates & Courses

Must complete four 9-hole individual handicap rounds from September 1st to November 27th at Sutton Bay and Arthur Hills Course at Boyne Highlands.

Week 1: November 28th-December 4th Sea Island Seaside

Week 2: December 5th-11th Innisbrook Copperhead

Week 3: December 12th-18th  Hudson National

Week 4: December 19th-January 1st Lahinch

Week 5: January 2nd-8th Interlachen

Week 6: January 9th-15th Muirfield Village

Week 7: January 16th-22nd Conway Farms

Week 8: January 23rd-29th Quail Hollow

Week 9: January 30th-February 5th Royal St. Georges

Week 10: February 6th-12th Glen Abbey GC

Week 11: February 13th-19th Black Desert Resort

Week 12: February 20th-26th Links at Spanish Bay