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“And there’s more to come. Next year, the grass tees on the range will be open, and heated hitting bays will also be added .” -Rick Pledl


“If anything, he undersold it. TrackMan Range is a game-changer and it couldn’t be more user friendly – just download a free app, create a profile and you’re ready to go. Designate which of the 33 bays you’re hitting from and which club you’re using and start hitting balls.” -Gary D’Amato

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

“The app works with three doppler radars on the range to track eight statistics, including the total distance a golfer hits the ball and the ball’s distance from a target. There are also games on the app, such as closest to the pin.” -Hannah Kirby 

The Practice Station


“The only way to improve your game is to practice scenarios you’ll find on the course. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce a revolutionary new business model, The Practice Station in New Berlin, Wisconsin.”-Brian Weis

Conversactions LLC

“The Practice Station combines the best of both worlds – the latest range technology and real-world golf hole experiences.”-Bill Mitchell

The Patch

“A traditional driving range limits golfers to specific shots and doesn’t simulate real-life situations golfers are faced with on the course. On the contrary, a golf course doesn’t give golfers enough time to practice certain situations over and over again due to pace of play.”-Karen Pilarski

Google Reviews

“Great facility!! Practice station works with an app that allows you to track your drives which is a very cool feature to be able to work with. Definitely will come here again.”

Calvin R

“I have been looking for a place like this for a very long time. This is a really good facility, nice practice areas, and the Range Trackman, this is a huge advantage. Very reasonably priced as well.”

Dave Dunn

“An incredible experience. TrackMan technology that is exclusive for a facility in the state of Wisconsin. All facets of customer service are outstanding!! If you are looking for a range that is above and beyond give them a try…you will not be disappointed.”

Mark S

Milwaukee Business Journal

“The idea is to allow the golfer to practice using every club in their golf bag.”-Nick Williams

Fox 6

“The Practice Station offers an outdoor TrackMan driving range, 2 indoor golf simulators, an indoor putting green, and members-only practice stations.”-Brian Kramp

Fox 6

“It just gives people a real good perspective, and then when they get out on the course…”-Fox 6 Now

Next-Gen Golf 

“This is the place for the sticky situations you find yourself in on the course. With plans to add another TrackMan Simulator, The Practice Station will be full service for years to come!”-Oliver Mauk


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