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Our public range is now open! The TrackMan technology is FREE with a bucket purchase. Download the free app called TRACKMAN RANGE and make an account to help enhance your practice experience. The app can be downloaded at the App Store or Google Play Store on your mobile device or tablet.

1st In Wisconsin

Get your stats and play games for free at The  1st TrackMan Range in Wisconsin

The Range

Our driving range has 33 hitting spots with TrackMan technology. Our range can capture all of your shots with just 3 doppler radars. Golfers hit premium Titleist golf balls and get live stats right from the range with a smartphone or tablet. Our range is open to the public and ready to use! 


Learn How TrackMan Can Help Your Game

TrackMan Games

Play 3 different games on the range: Bullseye, Hit It, and Capture The Flag.

TrackMan Stats

Get 8 different balls stats from the range and save your data for free for future reference.

Play Courses

You can now play virtual courses on your tablet out on our traditional range with the TrackMan Range App. 


“Their brand new driving range is very impressive. Outfitted with ball tracking technology down range, it uses WiFi and an app on your phone to track ball flight in real time. Cutting edge technology that works really well for the same rates as a standard range! The fact you can track and store all your shots is really going to help me dial in each one of my clubs for distance. Indoor simulators and a bar in the club house are nice for those days with bad weather.”
Ryan S

“What a great addition to the area for golf/entertainment. This is NOT just another driving range. The Trackman features are easy to use and extremely helpful. I came here after playing 9 locally (cause I needed to work on a few things) and the instant feedback was tremendous. All levels will find the games fun and interaction engaging, from a beginner (my young son) to a seasoned player. Looking forward to making this a regular stop…”
Tyler N

“Well… if you like to golf… like to practice… once you practice here you will never go back to randomly hitting balls into a field.
Staff member drove me around the 6 holes and how much realistic practice you can do here.
This type of facility is great for all golfers because frustrations on the course lead many to quit the game. PS.. has a new member…”
Zoran K