The Practice Station

A New Way to Practice Your Game

A traditional driving range limits golfers to specific shots and doesn’t simulate real-life situations golfers are faced with on the course. On the contrary, a golf course doesn’t give golfers enough time to practice certain situations over and over again due to the pace of play.

The Practice Station combines both the course and the range for better purposeful practice.

The Practice Station offers an outdoor TrackMan driving range, 3 indoor golf simulators, an indoor putting green, and members-only practice holes (stations). The practice stations cover 6 and 1/2 holes over 32 acres for members to work on all parts of their game.

With our top-of-the-line technology (indoors and outdoors), a whole new golf practice concept, and year-round golf practice and play, we are the first-to-concept and hope to make a difference in your golf game!

TrackMan Technology

The Practice Station is the 1st in Wisconsin to have a TrackMan Driving Range. TrackMan has installed 3 radars that can track every ball on our range.

You can play fun games and courses with family and friends and get live feedback with 8 ball stats; all from a free app. The TrackMan golf app is free for anyone who purchases a bucket of balls on our newly finished range.

With that, The Practice Station also has 3 indoor TrackMan simulators, where you can play over 100 courses, get club and ball stats, and play fun games year-round!

Practice Stations

The Practice Station has 6 and 1/2 practice holes where you can set up at specific yardages or situations and practice hitting to live greens.

Work on golf-course-like shots (or play the hole outright) with different lies and in different situations to any hole as many times as you’d like to help your game. 

No need to worry about pace of play here, our stations memberships are capped at a certain amount so members can come out whenever they’d like and stay for any length of time without reservations. 

“There are six stations, or playing holes, that are available on a membership basis. Members can either play the holes all the way through or set up specific scenarios they want to work on or are struggling with. ”
Emily Ho

Marketing Director, The Practice Station

“The app works with three doppler radars on the range to track eight statistics, including the total distance a golfer hits the ball and the ball’s distance from a target. There are also games on the app, such as closest to the pin.”
John Bauer

Owner, The Practice Station